Earth's Alpha Prime

Chapter 221: Aftermath

Chapter 221: Aftermath

[Congratulations! You are the 3rd Peak Tier-2 Existence in the entire Universe to slay a Peak Tier-3 Subsidiary-Fiend Monster in a full-frontal battle.]

[Due to causing a Universe Level Achievement, you will receive a random grade reward that will be most useful to you at the present moment. The Grade of the reward depends on your Luck Attribute.]

[Due to a request in process, the Universe Level Achievement you achieved shall be converted into 2000 Universe Points and pooled until it satisfies the exchange value for the weapon you wished for.]

[Current Universe Points: 11,700]

He couldn't help but be disappointed that not even 10,000 Universe Points were enough to obtain the Origin Glaive.

It would be the perfect weapon to unleash <HEAVEN BREAKER> without suffering backlashes.

If he had a Grade-5 or a higher-grade Glaive weapon, it could have endured the Origin Energy longer, giving enough time to launch the Origin Imprint.

Not only did Jay lose his entire arm, but he was also thrown out of 'Inverse Mode' despite having more time left till cooldown.

He had to bear the weakness that washed over him from the sudden stat decrement.

However, the devastation caused in exchange was off the charts. The gigantic monster had no remains whatsoever. It vanished just like one-fifth of Tournament Island.

If not for the notifications confirming its death, Jay would have had the reason to believe the monster somehow survived.

Although it cost him an arm, he didn't worry much about it. With his arm blasting into pieces from the impact, there was nothing left for healing abilities to reattach.

He could only wait until his Tier-3 Evoluion to recover his lost body part or for Centauri Kavach's inbuilt skill, <Instant Regen>, to end its 7-day cooldown and regenerate his lost body arm.

While immersed in his thoughts, Baby MJ's unsettled voice chimed in his mind, 'Master!! Dante and Felarial's condition isn't looking good; they need your attention.'

Jay right away shifted his attention to the nearby ground-ridden Dante, who had one-third of his entire right portion of his body missing, along with a hole in his chest, where the heart was supposed to be.

It was a miracle to still be alive even after such extensive injuries. Still, Dante barely held onto his dear life.

If not for the buff, <Vitality Diffusion>, he received from his growth-type equipment, <Deck of Fate>, Dante would have died from Plasma Predator's first attack.UppTodat𝒆d fr𝒐m nô/v/e/lb(i)n.c(o)/m


<Vitality Diffusion>: The user's vitality wouldn't be limited to the fatal organs and instead be diffused to be contained throughout the body uniformly.

Buff Duration: 20 mins.


Jay hurried and used Olivia's telekinetic abilities to lift Felarial and pull him over before applying pressure all over the bleeding surface on both of them.

When Jay was about to let them both consume Grade-3 Vitality Fruit sap, MJ's words caused him to halt his actions.

'Master, both Dante and Felarial reached the limit of consuming Vitality Fruits and giving them any more would only worsen their condition. Once Dante's buff wears off, I doubt he will live…..unless his Fate stats come into play. Meanwhile, Felarial isn't faring well either. His Spirit Pool is damaged beyond recovery and could no longer use Spirit Energy.'

Hearing that, Jay didn't entertain the same idea and poured the sap all over their bleeding openings.

Although it was a waste to use Grade-3 Vitality Fruits just to close the wounds, Jay didn't hesitate to do so.

While preparing to use <HEAVEN BREAKER>, he was aware of everything that transpired near him.

Jay's senses witnessed it all, whether it be Felarial's last stand or Dante's relentless struggle.

Although he believed Dante's Innate Talent would save him from dying, he still felt uneasy placing all bets on that.

There still were more than 15 minutes till the <Vitality Diffusion> wears off. On the other hand, Felarial didn't have much longer to live.

Jay mentally asked for confirmation from MJ upon learning of a way to save Felarial, 'Are you sure I could use ORIGIN SIGILS to save him?'

'Absolutely, Master. You underestimate the bountiful effects one could receive from having their Innate Talent uplifted by Origin Energy. I am almost certain Felarial's Spirit Pool ailment will recover even after reaching the stage of no return.'

Since there was something he could do about it, Jay didn't contemplate much on granting Felarial an ORIGIN SIGIL.

The bravery Felarial displayed in the face of death was enough proof for Jay to approve of the other party.

If it means using an ORIGIN SIGIL to save such an individual and having him in his ranks, Jay was more than willing to do so.

Since he needed the receiver's permission, Jay dived into the mind of the unconscious Felarial.

Similar to how Olivia's consciousness was stuck in a traumatic memory back on Day-2, Felarial relived the darkest moment of his life, the day when his wife and child were taken away from him.

He was helpless to do anything and left alone, gravely injured in a cosmic storm. Death would have been the inevitable outcome if not for the sheer luck of coming across a Hidden Realm.

Jay was about to wake Felarial from the nightmare, but learning about a Hidden Realm piqued his interest.

He chose to observe the memory and soon went through Felarial's journey, where he survived and, against all odds, obtained a Unique Innate Talent through a prehistoric inheritance.

If it wasn't for the existence of Dante, Jay would have believed Felarial to be the luckiest individual he ever met.

Moreover, he was surprised to learn Felarial's Innate Talent, <FORTUNA HEART>, was what led their path cross each other.

Whether it be the Hidden Realms or the strange monsters dwelling in them, he was far too weak to worry about them.

He first needs to clear the Trial Program and make the best out of it before even thinking of dealing with something that even the top powers in the Universe couldn't deal with.

Wasting no more time, Jay woke Felarial from his memories and placed his offer on the table along with the restrictions that came with his offer.

Felarial listened to everything Jay had to say and asked with a serious tone, 'Are you saying that I would have to sacrifice my freedom in exchange for the so-called ORIGIN SIGIL, which could possibly heal my Spirit Pool?'

Jay didn't mention anything about not making him do anything against his will and simply nodded, 'More or less.'

To which, Felarial agreed right away, 'To save my wife and child, I will agree even if I have to sell my soul to the Fiends, much less to someone I trusted in a life and death battle. As long as no harm comes to my family, I am willing to do anything for you, irrespective of the underlying morality.'

Jay expected the other party to agree, but he was still taken aback by the lengths he would go to for his family.

Meeting someone with a similar resolve as his, Jay smiled and changed his decision to grant a Minor ORIGIN SIGIL.


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