Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: “Memories of (2)”

Jun Wu Xie glanced at him as he plopped himself in front of her and in a very smooth and practiced motion, he personally fed her the medicine.

For Jun Wu Xie, she didn’t think too deep into those actions as she naively took for granted that he was honestly repaying his gratitude.

From birth, she grew up in the secret villa for over ten years, from a naïve young child to her teens, she didn’t get much chance to learn and understand the outside world. How to get along with others were not within the scope of her thinking. Yôur favorite 𝒏ovels at n/o(v)el/bin(.)com

During that period of time, only numerous medical books and medical knowledge filled her brain, her only relative, held her captive deep in the mountains.

Do not expect anything from her with regards to the ways of the world.

Jun Wu Yao bent over slightly, one hand on her back firmly supporting her while a bowl of medicine in the other hand, slowly feeding her.

When he bent over she gave a slight frown.

“I do not like the smell of blood.” She said grimly.

Jun Wu Yao smiled stiffly. Jun Wu Xie continued sipping the medicine.

As Jun Wu Yao carried the empty bowl away, as soon as he left the room, his smile faded, raising his hand he sniffed his sleeve, a very faint smell of blood.

Earlier on, he was careful not to get any bloodstains on himself.

“It seems that next time, I must take a bath first.” Frivolous smile appeared once again on Jun Wu Yao’s handsome face, dark eyes so deep that reflected no traces of any emotion.


The second morning, the news spread like wildfire in the Imperial City.

Last night, on his way back from the ‘Sea of Flowers’, the Second Prince and his entourage was attacked by a mysterious group and all his guards were annihilated. Second Prince had a bloody battle with the enemy and only managed to protect the life of his own and a beauty, this matter has enraged the Emperor who had ordered a thorough investigation of the matter, putting a huge bounty on the culprits who had dared to assassinate the Prince.

There was a huge outburst within the Imperial City walls. There were many discussions going around the grapevine. Everybody was talking about it.

Everyone knows that the Second Prince and the Lin Palace’s Jun Wu Xie have an arranged marriage. However that night when the Second Prince was attacked, that beauty whom he saved was not his fiancée Jun Wu Xie! This meant that earlier that day he had gone with another woman to the ‘Sea of Flowers’.

Jun Wu Xie was a tyrant!

Everyone knows that Lin Palace Young Miss was extremely rude and arrogant, always stirring trouble in the city.

People cannot help but speculate that the perpetrator on the attack on the Second Prince was none other than Jun Wu Xie. After all, her fiance went out with another woman, a normal woman cannot stand for this, let alone the tyrannical nature of Jun Wu Xie?

In only one morning, the Imperial City was in chaos, the Second Prince was unwilling to endure the outrageous tyrannical Jun Wu Xie and secretly went out with a beauty however she found out about it and had sent the Rui Lin Army to go undercover and attempted to kill the Second Prince and his new love.

The rumours went down the grapevine, versions recollected as if those they were the ones who had witnessed it.

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