I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 861: Misunderstandings that have always existed, Master, why did you hide this from me?

Chapter 861: Misunderstandings that have always existed, Master, why did you hide this from me?

The flames blazed brightly, the dogs fell silent, and the villagers stood immobilized, unable to move. Terrified, they witnessed the two figures seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

“It seems that you are very interested in this little baby girl.”

the Grand Mistress of the Immortal Palace, Qing Yi, spoke softly, her voice akin to the sound of nature. Her eyes focused on the baby girl held by Gu Changge.Diiscover new 𝒔tories at n𝒐ve/lbin(.)c/o𝒎

I just thought she was destined for me. A poor little guy…

Gu Changge shook his head lightly, casually raising his hand. A hazy light emanated, erasing specific memories from the minds of the immobilized villagers.

Terrified expressions transformed into sluggishness, and the villagers returned to their homes like walking corpses.The parents of the baby girl also appeared to put aside the recent events, their faces showing blank expressions as they went to their rooms.

“Even if you erase their memories, you’re only treating the symptoms, not the root cause. Ignorance is deeply rooted in their hearts, and one day, it will break out again,” the Grand Palace Mastriss remarked.

“If such a day comes, whether it’s foolish or not, she should judge and decide for herself,” Gu Changge responded calmly, shaking his head.

“Let’s go.” He returned the baby girl to the house, turned, and departed with the Grand Palace Mistress. Transforming into a blue light, the two figures vanished into the sky.

All memories of the night were erased from the villagers, including the baby girl’s parents, who forgot about the events. The notions of bloody disasters and ominous omens disappeared from the villagers’ minds.


Whether it’s foolish or not, it is up to me to judge?

Chan Hongyi stared blankly at the unfolding scene, muttering to herself. She began to grasp what Gu Changge meant by those words.

It dawned on her that she would have to make her own choices and judgments once she comprehended these matters one day. After standing silently for a long time, she gathered her emotions and approached the house again. She carefully started observing the peacefully sleeping baby girl.

The infant slept soundly, her skin unmarred, the once bruised areas now radiating a jade-like luster.

Had Gu Changge not intervened tonight and rescued her, she might have faced a grim fate—burned and stoned to death by her parents and villagers as an ominous omen. The future consequences were unpredictable.

Gu Changge, however, had never disclosed any of this to her and acted as if it never occurred.

Why, Master, why did you never tell me…

Not even an explanation?

What exactly are you trying to do?

Chan Hongyi murmured, aware that Gu Changge’s actions always held a purpose. She would somewhat misunderstand him rather than reveal the truth behind his deeds.

Master, why are you hiding this from me…

Her heart trembled, and her eyes glistened. She recalled Tao Yao’s words—after Gu Changge rebelled against the Fairy Palace and challenged the heavens, why did he merely seal her instead of killing her?

For a long time, Chan Hongyi believed Gu Changge’s momentary sympathy and soft-heartedness spared her life. She had convinced herself of this narrative. However, witnessing the events of that night, she began to question her assumptions.

Now, she realized she might have been unfairly blaming him. Many aspects must be noticed and corrected due to preconceived notions and the substitution of details in the enemy’s narrative.

After reincarnation, Gu Changge was the one who freed her from the Demon Burying Abyss in this life. Even during the Divine City’s encirclement and suppression battle, he refrained from attacking her and orchestrating a plan to draw powerful adversaries so she could absorb them and restore her strength.

Living in the Boundary Monument Sea, she feigned insanity and attempted to poison Gu Changge, yet he willingly consumed it despite knowing its toxicity.

As these realizations surged like a tide, Chan Hongyi was stunned in place. It dawned on her that she had been seeking revenge on Gu Changge while he secretly aided her multiple times without complaining or clarifying misunderstandings.

I have always been seeking revenge on him. In contrast, he has silently assisted me many times. He endured my misunderstandings without complaint.

Chan Hongyi murmured, her eyes sparkling as she stood in the vast void, surrounded by the collapsing fragment of the long river of time.

Reflecting on various events, she questioned why the Long River of Time rioted before?

Perhaps Gu Changge sensed her and Tao Yao’s perilous journey into it, attempting to prevent them from being trapped forever. When she sank to the sea bottom, Gu Changge appeared and rescued her.

Why Gu Changge never explained these actions, even in the face of her hatred and misunderstanding, Chan Hongyi speculated that he had a plan and his concerns.

Those outlaws more than ten years later—if they were truly arranged by Master, it could be explained…

But I have a gut feeling. It’s impossible for the Master to commit such an act.

She declared firmly.

The relationship between Gu Changge and Qing Yi, the Grand Palace Mistress of the Immortal Palace, appeared amicable, resembling close friends. However, they suddenly clashed, resulting in the Immortal Palace’s destruction and the entire era plunging into darkness, becoming a taboo.

This situation seemed implausible and difficult to explain. Chan Hongyi found it hard to believe, sensing an undisclosed secret or truth hidden within it akin to the revelations she was experiencing today.


The passage of time blurred before Chan Hongyi’s eyes. Instead of reversing time, she followed the timeline like an observer, witnessing various events that unfolded in this world over the past few decades.

Due to Gu Changge’s enigmatic and unpredictable strength, she could only vaguely discern some phantoms, his figure cloaked in mist, obscuring his true face. However, Chan Hongyi’s familiarity with him made her recognize him effortlessly.

For any other time-traveler fortunate enough to traverse the long river of time and arrive in this era, identifying Gu Changge would be an impossible feat. Chan Hongyi’s unique connection facilitated her understanding of many things.

From a distance, she observed the baby girl’s gradual growth, witnessing the events etched in her memory. Eventually, she evolved into a teacher of Gu Changge, practicing alongside him. Yet, Chan Hongyi began to sense that something was amiss.

Due to her existence, there were unpleasant disputes between Qing Yi, the Grand Mistress of the Immortal Palace, and Gu Changge. Initially, playful teasing escalated, and Chan Hongyi could feel a subtle discontent emanating from Grand Palace Mistress Qing Yi.

Gu Changge, however, seemed calm and indifferent while addressing these issues, as if he didn’t take them to heart.

Could it be because of this…

Her eyes widened in disbelief, and Chan Hongyi couldn’t help but consider another possibility—were the bandits who slaughtered her village arranged by Grand Palace Mistress Qing Yi? Was their purpose of sowing discord between her and Gu Change?

Could this be the underlying cause of the tension between them?

However, Chan Hongyi hesitated to believe this theory, finding it incongruent with her perception of the dignified Grand Palace Mistress Qing Yi.

Grand Palace Mistress Qing Yi is too reserved; it’s unlikely she would act this way solely due to this. There must be another reason behind her actions.

Is this deliberate?

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