Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~

Chapter 439

Chapter 439

--- ---


(By the way, Syl. Right now, Kaiser is with me, but he can’t hear our conversation, can he?)

Setting aside the punishment, since Kaiser is with us today, I’d like to introduce him.

It appears that Kaiser can’t hear Syl’s voice.

(N? Oh, I see. Um… please wait a moment… How about now? Can you hear me?)Discover 𝒏ew chapters at novelbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

(Oh! I can hear a voice!)

Syl seemed to have made some adjustments, and Kaiser immediately reacted.

(Is the one behind this voice the Wind God? It’s an honor to hear your voice. I am Leviathan, a servant of the Water God, now going by the name Kaiser.)

(Yeah, I know about you.)

(I’m truly honored that you know about me!)

While Syl and Kaiser were conversing, Kaiser seemed a bit tense, and his voice was a bit stiff.

(I’ve been feeling sorry for not being able to protect the Water God’s children and having to rely on the Wind God’s assistance.)

(… Yeah, about that, I think there’s no help for it. Besides, the one at fault in the first place is Windell, who abandoned the children. You don’t have to worry about it.)

Kaiser seemed concerned about not protecting the children.

When I first met him and asked about it, he had a nonchalant attitude like, “If it’s impossible, it’s impossible. Nothing can be done.” I wonder if meeting the children in person made him feel guilty.

(I can now take on a humanoid form. So, there might be things I can help with regarding the Water God’s children. Please let me know if there’s anything.)

(… I know it’s not right for me to say this to you, the Water God’s retainer, but I want you to continue supporting Takumi-san.)

(Understood! Of course!)

A cooperative system seems to have been established between Syl and Kaiser. Are they on good terms?

(Syl, don’t force anything on Kaiser.)

(You are terrible, Takumi. I’m not forcing anything! I just made a request.)

(That’s right, Takumi. No one is forcing anything on me!)


I tried to stop Syl for Kaiser’s sake, but both Syl and Kaiser vehemently protested.

(Why are you both scolding me?)

(We are not scolding anyone!)

(We’re not scolding you!)

Syl and Kaiser seemed surprisingly in sync~ Are they on good terms, after all?

(Come on, Takumi-san, don’t say strange things. Anyway, how have you been lately? Is there anything troubling you?)

Syl smoothly changed the topic.

Maybe to prevent me from interfering in the cooperation with Kaiser?

Well, I won’t oppose it anymore, since I don’t think Syl would make Kaiser do something unreasonable.

(There’s nothing in particu… ah!)

(Huh!? Did something come to mind!? What is it!?)

(I’m troubled about the education policy for the children.)

(…… N?)

I’m not really in trouble, but I’ve been thinking about something lately.

(Allen and Elena, they help out voluntarily, and they’re generally good kids who rarely make selfish demands. However, lately, I feel like they’re a bit too eager for combat.)

(… Oh, yeah, I see.)

--- ---

Yes, it’s related to the aspect of combat.

(I wonder if it’s okay like this… I sometimes worry. Because, you know, right now the children are stronger than me?)

The fact that the children are stronger is something I’ve come to terms with because they are “Children of a God.” But still, I wonder if it’s really okay like this.

(Well, their abilities are excellent. I think there are many adults weaker than the two of them now. So, you really don’t need to worry about that.)

(… Yeah, but still…)

(And besides, Takumi, you originally lived a life far removed from combat. Despite that, you’ve come this far, which is amazing.)

(That’s probably thanks to the abilities you gave me, no?)

(No, it’s not. Even if you had the basic abilities, you wouldn’t have become the person you are now without making the effort to use them correctly. So, Takumi-san, you’re really amazing!)

(… Do you really think so?)

Syl’s words are convincing.

(Indeed. Takumi, you originally came from a different world, so you must have struggled to adapt to this one. Or rather, you might still be facing challenges. That effort is something only you could have done. Be proud of it.)

Kaiser joined in with compliments, too.

Being tag-teamed with words… it’s a bit embarrassing.

(It’s not your fault that the children are enthusiastic about combat. If you don’t mind, you can leave it to the children without any problems. The temperament of the Water God is to go with the flow, sometimes gently and sometimes intensely. So, there’s a bit of duality, between relaxed and easygoing, and intense.)

… That seems to fit Allen and Elena too.

(If you want to participate in combat personally, you can always talk to the children and ask them to let you join. They’re understanding kids, I’m sure they’ll agree. But… Takumi-san, you’re not particularly interested in combat, are you?)

(Well, no. I mean, I didn’t live in a world with monsters or anything.)

Also, my physical abilities were pretty much non-existent, so I hardly engaged in sports.

Even after reincarnating and getting a functional body, while it’s fun to move around, I still find reading and cooking more enjoyable.

(Kids are kids. Takumi-san, you should just do what you like… reading and cooking.)

(Don’t read my mind so naturally.)

(Oh, my bad.)

… Syl easily read my mind when I let my guard down.

(Oh, since you like reading and cooking, do you dislike leaving the town?)

(No, that’s enjoyable. Both in nature and towns, there are many things I haven’t seen. Exploring mysterious places like dungeons is exciting, too.)

(Traveling as you like, battling with the contracted beasts and the kids. Occasionally joining in on the fun. And take your time reading and cooking in the town whenever you want. As a God, I permit it. I won’t allow anyone to complain.)

(It’s a life that isn’t much different from now.)

(There is need for it to change.)

It seems fine as it is.

(Oh, but even though it’s not a problem to charge at dragons, if you don’t like it, it’s fine to stop them, even if you have to get angry.)

(… You were watching.)


A peeping comment at the very end. It was going so well, but that ruined it.

(I want to go hunting dragons!)

(… I won’t stop you from going, Kaiser.)

(I want to go with you, Takumi. I want you to cook with the freshly hunted dragon meat! It definitely seems more delicious that way!)

(Eh, I’m jealous! I want to eat it too!)

Watching the two faithfully pursuing their desires, I felt that it’s okay to do what I like, and I decided to stop worrying about the little things.

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