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Chapter 14 Unwritten rules

Chapter 14 Unwritten rules

Quinn, Peter, and Vorden were being escorted by the second-year students to a separate part of the school. The school was split into different sections and the second-year building was separate from the first years. This meant the second-year students didn’t really interact with the first-year students.

"Shouldn’t we just run?" Whispered Peter.

"It might just make the situation worse, if they were going to do something to us they would have waited until we were on our own." Quinn replied, "It seems like they did this in public intentionally, as if to make a statement to all the other low levels."

After walking for a while longer they had eventually arrived at their destination. It was down one of the sides of the second-year buildings, there were a few second-year students who were walking past but the place was relatively quiet.

Sitting down just outside of the building on the staircase, was a tall man with brown hair wrapped in a ponytail.

"We brought them here as you have asked Mono." One of the second-year students said.

"You guys can leave," Mono replied as he stood up from the staircase.

The second-year students did as they were told and quickly left them to be on their own.

"It seems there have been rumours going around of a high tier student hanging around with a bunch of low tier students."

Quinn then noticed Mono’s wristwatch which had the number 6 written on it.

"Is it against the rules?" Vorden asked.

Mono started to laugh.

"Not quite but there are some unwritten rules of the academy." Mono then walked over to Quinn. "You see the moment you start treating this trash like they are useful to society, they start to get a big head."

Now that Mono was close enough to Quinn, Quinn was able to use his Inspect skill but when he tired casting it the status screen that appeared was blurry, it looked like the status screen itself was melting and all the information was unreadable.

"Is it because I’m out in the sun?" Quinn thought.

"Look at this scum." Mono said, "I’m only a few feet away from him and there isn’t even an ounce of fear in his eyes. You know I’m happy that the war started because it got rid of people like you and only the strong survived."

Quinn’s blood started to boil, he hated the war and how it had taken everything away from him including his parents. He no longer cared if he was going to take a beating or not, all he wanted to do was punch Mono in the face right there and then.

At this distance even if Quinn’s punch was slow it should still hit. Quinn couldn’t hold in his anger any longer and threw out a punch but before Quinn’s punch was even thrown out fully, Mono had already taken a step back causing Quinn’s fist to hit the air.

Vorden then took this chance to grab onto Mono. However, once again Mono had moved before Quinn had even started his action, causing Vorden to grab nothing.

"You think I’m going to let someone touch me who’s ability I don’t even know," Mono said. "I didn’t come here to fight you guys, today was just a warning, there are some people in this school that not even the military can touch and if you continue acting this way, they will get involved."

With that, Mono headed back up the stairs and into the second-year building.

"Do you think he’s serious?" Peter asked, "I know at school they didn’t like this type of stuff but it seems even worse now that we’re in a military school, why don’t the teachers do something to stop it."

"Because it works in their favour." Quinn replied, "The strong bullying the weak causes the weak to go on the path to find more power, but if you were weak to begin with and don’t have the family backing to help you, where would you go to get this power?"

"The military," Vorden answered.

"Exactly, the teachers and the school don’t do anything because it benefits them. After experiencing hell for two years your mind will have been broken down. You would do anything to seek power and protection and the military can offer that for you." Quinn said.

Quinn then looked at Vorden.

"it might be best if we comply with their wishes and go our separate ways for now."

"Why should I listen to them!" Vorden snapped back.

The outburst surprised Quinn as Vorden was strangely against his suggestion.

"Look, I understand Vorden that you might think you are helping me and Peter but maybe you don’t understand because you’ve never been powerless like us. When we break their rules they won’t go for you, it will be me and Peter they will go for."

Quinn hated to saying this to Vorden, after all, Vorden was the first person who has a high-power level who didn’t discriminate between people and so far Vorden’s presence had helped. Whenever Quinn and Peter walked around the higher levels did nothing to them because of Vorden.

But this had only attracted bigger fish, something that Vorden and Quinn couldn’t handle, at least, not yet anyway.

"Fine, have it your way!" Vorden said with anger as he stormed off back to the dorm building.

"Maybe we should have explained it to him better," Peter said.

"No, it’s fine it’s better this way," Quinn replied. DiisCoover 𝒖pdated novels on n(o)v./e/lbin(.)co𝒎

Although it looked like Vorden had stormed off in anger due to Quinn’s words, that wasn’t true at all. Vorden was angry at the whole situation at the school. Even here it seemed like people were telling him how he should live his life, who he could, and who he could not hang out with.

Vorden also didn’t want Quinn to get hurt so he knew it was the right choice, but Vorden wasn’t going to just let these people get away with trying to control his life. Vorden was going to go after them all.

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