My Vampire System

Chapter 29 Picking a weapon

Chapter 29 Picking a weapon

As soon as Quinn realised that his inspect skill would tell him the stats of each weapon, he started to go around the room looking for the perfect one for him. Quinn ruled out anything that was too heavy. Although the strength stat it added was good, Quinn needed to be fast and agile in the night.

All the weapons Quinn had inspected so far was at the basic tier level. The lowest level a weapon could be. Weapons were categorised into eight different levels depending on which beast core it was made with. Of course, this was based on beasts from planets that had already been discovered.

There was sure to be other planets with stronger beasts and abilities that they had yet to find out about, that may be categorised above that. In the human world today, there were two known weapons of this class. The world called them Demon weapons instead.

After searching around the room for a while, Quinn came across a weapon that stood out from the rest.

\u003c Black Horned gauntlets \u003e Thê sourc𝗲 of this content n/o/v/(𝒆l)bi((n))

\u003c Basic tier Beast weapon\u003e

\u003cStrength 3\u003e

\u003cAgility 0 \u003e

\u003cStamina 0\u003e

\u003cDefence 2\u003e

\u003c This weapon is compatible with the skill "Blood swipe". When used with the gauntlets blood swipe will have an increase of 5% in power.\u003e

The Gauntlets were black in colour and had little tiny horns going up the forearm. The fingertips where were pointed and bladed at the ends, it made them look almost like some type of Dragon claw.

There were two reasons why the weapon had interested Quinn. The first was it was the only one that had also given him a defensive stat, not just a strength stat but the second one stood out to him even more. It was the fact that it increases the power of his only skill, blood swipe.

Five percent didn’t sound like a lot right now but if in the future Quinn was to get more powerful, five percent would make a huge difference. There were also other bonuses. The gauntlets acted as armour for his hands and he could still hold other weapons if he needed to.

"What a strange choice young boy," Leo said.

Quinn looked to his side to see who had spoken to him, then he noticed it was the bald teacher.

"It’s not many peoples first choice. With a weapon like this, you have to have no fear and get in close to your enemy. But that is also the reason it is sturdy than most and can be used as a form of defence."

Quinn had already experienced fighting more than most kids, he was used to using his fists, with his blood swipe skill as well, he didn’t always have to get up right close to his opponent.

"Do you mind if I try it?" Quinn asked.

"Go ahead," Leo said as he left to check up on other students selecting weapons.

\u003c Basic Horned Gauntlets equipped\u003e

\u003cStrength: 12 (3) \u003e

\u003c Agility: 12 \u003e

\u003c Stamina: 11 \u003e

\u003c Defence (2)\u003e

Now when Quinn checked out his status screen, he had a smaller number next to his stats which would indicate the equipment level. Quinn now had 15 stat points in strength. He felt three times stronger compared to before he had discovered the system and was ready to test out his newfound strength.

Once everyone had finished picking out their weapon. Leo called everyone to gather around the centre ring.

"Now I won’t claim to be an expert in every weapon," Said Leo, "Some of you might even be able to use your weapons better than me. But what I am an expert in is fighting with weapons alone. Fighting can be considered a game. You are always trying to predict your opponent’s next move, you measure your opponent’s ability and so on. For your first lesson, I want to see what you’ve got. We will have a sparring match. Two people at a time. We will all watch the match and commentate on what could be improved on. Now, are there any volunteers.

In an instant, Erin was the first to put her hand up. Without even waiting for Leo to say anything she headed for the arena in the middle and stood inside. She held a single silver longsword that shined bright. It wasn’t one of the weapons that Quinn had seen on the wall so he could only assume it had been one she already owned.

At first, a lot of the students were hesitant of going up against Erin. Her reputation for being a high-power level had already reached many peoples ears.

"Oh, I also forgot to add, Abilities will be banned during today’s sparing sessions," Leo added. "It is important that you know how to use your weapon first, only then can you truly bring out the full potential of the weapon with your ability."

After saying those words. Students had raised their hands like a rocket. They all wanted to get the chance to beat the famous Ice queen. Now that she wasn’t able to use her abilities this was their chance.

In the end, A large man was selected from the crowd who wielded a two-handed axe. He was about double the size of Erin in terms of muscle.

"I think you chose to join the wrong club, your ice abilities will be useless here." The man said.

Erin didn’t reply though and simply took her stance. Waiting for her opponent to come forward first.

The man charged in wielding his large axe above his head. When he swung it down Erin spun her body to the side avoiding the blow and at the same time slashed at the back of the man’s legs causing him to stumble.

She then placed her blade towards the man’s neck. Inches away from his throat.

"I give up." The man said.

Everything had happened in an instant and the room was suddenly silenced. They all knew Erin was strong but it was unexpected of her to be so skilful with the blade. Most ability users, if they had a strong ability like Erin, would rely on that power and not bother learning a weapon. But it was clear to everyone she had some practice.

After the fight had finished, two men seemed to appear out of thin air wearing a black military uniform. They then grabbed the student by both arms and escorted him to the school doctor to get healed up.

The group continued to watch a few fights, the rest of the fights had lasted a lot longer than Erin’s, as most of the students were equally matched when it came to using weapons. Even when Level 4 power users were fighting against level 2. When They couldn’t use their abilities it all came down to skill and the body.

The next fight that had caught Leo’s attention, was the fight with Layla. Even though Layla could no longer use her telekinesis. With her bow, she was able to shot ahead and predict where her opponent would turn.

She had trapped her opponent multiple times and continuously asked him to give up. But her opponent was a level 3 power user and he had his pride on the line. He didn’t want to admit being defeated by a level two user even if he wasn’t using his ability.

That’s when he got reckless and decided to charge forward. But a few arrows in the boy’s legs stopped him dead in his tracks before Leo had decided to call the match himself.

"The next pair, Quinn Talen, and Brad Richardson to the arena."

Now it was Quinn’s turn.

With the Weapons hall being indoors Quinn was able to use his full stats and his opponent was unable to use his ability. Finally, for once Quinn was in a situation where he didn’t feel weaker than the person he was going up against.

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