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Chapter 7 Same Ability

Chapter 7 Same Ability

The Test continued with Layla taking the text next. She was the only one there who had a weapon on her back. The weapon she used was a bow but it didn’t look like a regular bow that people used to use a long time ago.

This bow was carved using parts of a beast. It was black in color and looked almost as if the entire bow was made of gems. Even the string was made of a special material. The reason the bow looked so different, was because it was what was known as a beast weapon.

A bow made from the body parts of a beast. When the human race was attacked by the Dalki, our technology advanced fast by replicating their technology, with this, the humans learned the ability to travel to other planets using portals.

These planets would often contain different levels of beasts. The stronger the beast was the better weapon you could make out of it. It was the first time Quinn had ever witnessed a beast weapon before as no one at his previous school had one.

It was strange to see someone of such a young age who has most likely never been to another planet, to have a beast weapon.

Layla stood in the centre of the field and waited for the test to start. Unlike when it was Quinn’s turn, they waited until she was ready before starting. Quinn could already start to see a difference in treatment.

When the test started, 5 targets all appeared in different areas of the wasteland. Layla immediately took out 5 arrows and placed them in her bow, shooting them all off at once in the same direction.

The arrows shot out fast and strong but then suddenly, the five arrows split off into their own direction, each of them heading to a different target.

"What a good combo." Vorden said, "She was the ability of telekinesis but it’s quite weak, so instead she uses her ability combined with the bow to control the arrows."

In an instant, all five of the targets were hit at the same time and she had completed the first test. Quinn for the first time saw how useful beast weapons were. Even if you had a weak ability you could make it strong.

Quinn wasn’t completely sure what his ability was yet but even if it just increased his stats as he levelled up, then he thought about how handy something like a beast sword or something similar would be.

On the strength test, Layla didn’t do so well. She used her powers to try to move her fist even faster when punching the drum but, in the end, her score was only an 8.

The last test Quinn also saw her do quite bad. When the test first started, Layla tried to use her ability on the spikes coming at her, unknown to her because they were holograms and not the real thing, it had no effect.

Meaning all Layla could do was rely on her actual body to avoid the spikes, in the end, Layla ended getting the same score as Quinn.

"It looks like you have the ability level of a level 2 User," Jane said and immediately the number 2 appeared on Layla’s wrist.

Quinn could tell Layla wasn’t happy, she stropped back as she walked over to the group. Quinn thought the test wasn’t really fair. Her ability level might be that of a level 2 but when used with a bow Quinn felt like she could have easily beaten some level 3 or 4 users.

Quinn was starting to take note that the academy really did only measure the power level of your ability and not your fighting ability.

The next person to take the test was Erin. She walked forward confidently without even looking at anyone else. She stood in the centre of the testing field waiting for the test to start.

Then, 5 random targets appeared across the wasteland. Immediately she formed an ice spear and chucked it at the target hitting it dead on. She did this one after the other at an incredible speed, nearly clearing them all just as fast as Layla did.

The next test Erin was even more impressive. She started to gather ice in both her palms and then after a minute or so of gathering her power, a huge ice collum was shot from her hands and hit the centre of the drum dead on. The drum rang out louder than it had before and the number kept going up until it had eventually reached 50.

"No wonder she’s so confident, "Vorden said.

Quinn suddenly thought it was a good thing the two of them didn’t fight otherwise Vordan would have been a dead man.

Finally, when the last test had arrived the instructor told her she wasn’t allowed to use her ability and should just dodge. Erin had no reaction and started the test immediately. She managed to do well moving swiftly avoiding each spike but eventually, the machine had gotten too fast and she ended up getting hit.

"Impressive!" Jane said, "best result so far, power level 5."

Erin continued to walk back to her group as if she knew what she was going to get all along, either that or she didn’t really care about the whole thing.

Finally, the last person to take the test in the group was Vorden.

"Time to show you what I got, wish me luck."

Quinn had no clue who Vordan was talking to, but Quinn quickly realized it was him after Vordan gave a wink in his direction as he walked off to the centre of the field. Fôllôw 𝒏ew stories at n𝒐/v(e)lb/in(.)com

"Could that idiot actually be strong?" Quinn thought.

Most of the time people who strong were either arrogant about their powers or kept it quiet but Vorden was a strange person. He wasn’t exactly arrogant but more flashy.

When it finally came to his turn and the test had started, everyone’s mouth was left wide open at what they were seeing. On every single one of the tests, Vorden had done the exact same thing as Erin.

He had used the same ability, the ability of Ice, and had performed just as well.

"See, I told you I was strong!" Vorden said as he showed the number 5 to his new best friend Quinn.

Just what was Vorden’s ability Quinn thought.

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