True Martial World

Chapter 27: Sick

Chapter 27: Sick

Chapter 27: Sick

Yi Yun absorbed the desolate bone’s energy at night, filling up his energy reserves. In the day, he would spy on the warrior preparation camp’s practicing, secretly listening in on Yao Yuan’s teaching of “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”.

The warrior preparation camp was not a restricted area. It was common for people to come and go. As long as Yi Yun was careful, he would not be discovered.

After learning the skills, Yi Yun would go to the back mountain to cultivate. He would digest the energy from the desolate bones, combining it into his body. Such a cultivation rhythm was perfect.

Within days, Yi Yun’s Thunderous realm became more and more based. He could stay underwater for twenty-five minutes, almost as long as a dolphin.

About a month before the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warrior selection, a man who was refining the bones with Yi Yun fell sick.

Although Yi Yun had absorbed as much of the toxic blue light energies, there were still some light dots that entered the bodies of others, causing them to contract the so-called “typhoid”.

After the first person fell sick, Yi Yun also “fell sick”, and his “sickness” was extremely serious.

Yi Yun could no longer refine the desolate bones. According to Jiang Xiaorou, he had diarrhea, was pale in the face, and extremely weak. Jiang Xiaorou had to take leave on his behalf as he was bedridden.

Zhao Tiezhu strained his ears to finish hearing Jiang Xiaorou’s description. A delightful sense of schadenfreude engulfed him as he broke into a smile, “Oh my, diarrhea? Pale in the face? Extremely weak? Tsk tsk tsk, wasn’t he pretty hardy? How could he be bedridden this time?”

Zhao Tiezhu said it with an eccentric voice. Jiang Xiaorou face turned cold, as if in a rage. But in fact, she was just posturing. She of course knew Yi Yun was fine, and just pretending to be ill.

“Your brother was originally a weakling. Even if he died, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But Young master Lian sure has a good heart, and has handed me the pills!” Zhao Tiezhu said it as he reluctantly pulled out a red pill from his hip.

Zhao Tiezhu had no intention of giving Yi Yun the pill. He could only wish for Yi Yun’s death, but he did not know why Lian Chengyu had high appraisals for Yi Yun, and specifically gave him the pill to pass to Yi Yun. He was to make sure that Yi Yun ate the pill.

Did Young master Lian really think that highly of the little bastard?

Zhao Tiezhu felt upset thinking of this.

“Young master Lian is such a good person!”

“Young master Lian is too kind!”

At this time, as the men refining the desolate bones fell ill one after another, many people had gathered to obtain a pill. Having seen Zhao Tiezhu take out the legendary pill that could bring people back from the dead to give to Yi Yun, the people began to sing praises of Lian Chengyu.

These people had previously thought Lian Chengyu would ignore them. But seeing that a useless lad like Yi Yun could receive a pill, they thought their strong man at home would also receive one.

Especially the bulging bag Zhao Tiezhu held in his other hand looked like it contained bacon. These people became even more agitated. The situation had put the crowd in a nearly uncontrollable frenzy.

“Lord Zhao, my man in the house has fallen sick too!”

“Lord Zhao, my child’s father is seriously ill. He has been vomiting for three days!”

A crowd gathered around Zhao Tiezhu hoping for a pill, and some bacon. Their eyes were full of hope. They were almost about to kowtow to Zhao Tiezhu.

Zhao Tiezhu was pleased for he enjoyed being praised by a crowd of people. He felt Young master Lian was too soft hearted. Giving such precious pills and bacon to these poor commoners was such a waste!

Zhao Tiezhu had originally wanted to secretly eat a pill, but Lian Chengyu had warned him previously, so he had to give up on that thought. The fact that he had to personally deliver the pill to that monkey Yi Yun upset Zhao Tiezhu tremendously.

“Stop making a fuss! As long as you are really ill, there will be something for you!” Zhao Tiezhu opened up the cloth bag, and after accounting for the number of people, handed out the pills and bacon.

Everyone who received a pill and bacon gave endless thanks, “Thank you Lord Zhao! Thank you Lord Zhao!”

“What are you thanking me for. You should thank Young master Lian. Young master Lian will remember your sacrifice to the tribe. As long as you work hard refining the bones, Young master Lian and the tribe will not let you down.”

Zhao Tiezhu said it with a sense of achievement. He had the illusion that he was representing the upper echelon of the Lian tribal clan. In fact at that moment, Zhao Tiezhu felt he was one of the upper echelon of the Lian tribal clan.

“Yes, yes. Thank you Young master Lian,” as some of the people knelt down and kowtowed towards the Patriarch’s compound.

Zhao Tiezhu was pleased with the outcome. He had distributed most of the pills and bacon. There were two pieces of bacon left, one of it was the biggest piece, and the other was the smallest piece.

Of course the biggest piece was left for himself. When Lian Chengyu allowed him to distribute the bacon, he had already reserved the largest piece for himself.

There was a count of the number of pieces of bacon, so it was a problem if there was one less. The solution was to cut out a small piece from the second largest piece of bacon.

Of course, this piece was the smallest piece of bacon. He gave this smallest piece of bacon to Jiang Xiaorou.

“This is yours.” Zhao Tiezhu said it straight.

“You...” Seeing the tiny piece of bacon, Jiang Xiaorou knew Zhao Tiezhu had did it on purpose. However, she knew it was pointless to argue, so she accepted the piece of bacon.

Yun-er had not had meat in a long while.

“How’s your brother?” said Zhao Tiezhu lazily as he kept the largest piece of bacon.

“Didn’t I say so earlier!” replied Jiang Xiaorou sharply.

“Hehe, let me follow you back. What can I do, I have a good heart and I care for the citizens,” said Zhao Tiezhu as he made a division between himself and the commoners. The word “citizens” was extremely irksome to the ears.

As for why he wanted to see Yi Yun was partly due to Lian Chengyu’s instructions, or he couldn’t be bothered less. Zhao Tiezhu did not understand why Lian Chengyu was taking such care for the little monkey.

Actually, Lian Chengyu had only said it to Zhao Tiezhu casually, and did not take it to heart. He had aspirations higher than the sky, to become one who lords above all, and enjoy endless riches. Why would he bother about some small character like Yi Yun?

He was just curious why Yi Yun had not died all this while.

He had fell off a cliff when picking herbs the first time. He was even able to dig himself out after being buried.

The second time was when he had secretly transmitted a fatal Yuan Qi into Yi Yun’s body, but Yi Yun still did not die.

Lian Chengyu wanted to know that with the refining of the desolate bones–the desolate bone’s frost poison together with the toxicity of the Blood Thinning Pills, could Yi Yun still survive it?

To Lian Chengyu, Yi Yun was like a c*ckroach. Although a c*ckroach was small and weak, it had an extremely tenacious vitality. Even after being squashed with its organs burst and losing the capacity to move, a c*ckroach could still survive a day or two without food and water.

Yi Yun was similar. Although he was so weak, he had survived numerous death experiences.

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The yard door was kicked opened. Jiang Xiaorou asked with a crisp angry voice, “What are you doing!”

“Haha, to see your brother.” Zhao Tiezhu strutted in and saw Yi Yun lying on the bed.

Yi Yun’s face was covered in sweat. His hair was wet and sticking to his forehead. There was a pot that seemed to contain vomit, emitting a foul stench.

“Damn it, it’s noxious!” Zhao Tiezhu pinched his nose and passed the Blood Thinning Pill to Yi Yun, “I don’t really know what dog sh*t luck you have, to be able to get special treatment from Young master Lian. You look worse than a beggar of beggars. Looking at you makes me feel sick. Quickly eat this pill!”

Yi Yun picked up the Blood Thinning Pill on his blanket with a deadpan expression. Jiang Xiaorou rushed forward with a bowl of water.

When Yi Yun held the Blood Thinning Pill, he could feel the energetic properties of the pill.

There were pathetic amounts of energy in it. It did not contain any valuable herbs, but contained a very poisonous substance.

A good pill contained energy within it. The pill’s medicinal essence would spread through the body when a person consumes it. It will then naturally heal injuries, giving the person a new lease of life.

But a bad pill like the Blood Thinning Pill contained nearly no energy. It used the toxic substance to stimulate a person’s potential, without any concern for the consequences.

So although a person could recover quickly after eating this pill, it would greatly shorten the person’s life.

For a pill that did more harm than good, Yi Yun of course did not eat it.

Although Zhao Tiezhu was looking from the side, it wasn’t hard for Yi Yun to deceive him. He ate the Blood Thinning Pill and drank a mouthful of water. It seemed like he drank a lot of water, but when the bowl was removed, Yi Yun had spit out all the water back into the bowl.

Following that, Yi Yun looked as if it took a lot of work to swallow, but his mouth contained no water, so naturally nothing was actually swallowed.

Immediately following that, Yi Yun would pretend that his body was weak to point that he had difficulties even in drinking water, and would cough violently.

Jiang Xiaorou came forward with a cloth to wipe Yi Yun’s mouth. In the process of wiping his mouth, Yi Yun spit out the Blood Thinning Pill without any trace, leaving the pill in the cloth.

With the cloth scrunched up, nothing could be seen.

Zhao Tiezhu was full of disregard and impatience, so he did not see through Yi Yun’s act. Even if it was Lian Chengyu who came, he would probably not have seen Yi Yun spit out the pill.

After all, Yi Yun had the appearance of a twelve-year-old. Who would think that he could be capable of such acts?

“Count your blessings! After eating this pill, it will not only save your life, but it will make you more energetic. It’s better than looking like a ill-ridden weakling!” Saying that, Zhao Tiezhu walked off.

After Zhao Tiezhu left, Yi Yun scrutinized the Blood Thinning Pill in the cloth with a flash in his eyes. This Lian Chengyu is so cruel. To refine that set of desolate bones, he was prepared to kill numerous people!

This strange world was unlike Earth.

On Earth, there would be instances where a child brings a knife to school to stab another child to death after a quarrel between the two. These kind of situations were rare, and only seen on news networks like Tencent.

But in this power-oriented strange world, such matters where someone could be killed over some words, eh...Could it still be labeled a matter?

Because of the peaceful rule of law on Earth, murder was a huge deal, but over here, murder was as commonplace as slaughtering cattle.

In fact, plenty of times, killing someone did not need a reason. Not looking right was sufficient reason...

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